Productions : ETC 2017 Audition Notice

ETC 2017 Audition Notice

Open Auditions for Two ETC Productions


EclecticPond Theatre Company is pleased to announce auditions for two shows of our 2017 season: 

Black Maria
The Misanthrope

When:  Monday, December 5th : 7-10pm
             Wednesday, December 7th : 7-10pm

At:  Theatre On The Square,
627 Massachusetts Ave. Indy, 46204

Actors may audition for one or both productions.

For Black Maria, please have a one-minute dramatic monologue prepared.

For Misanthrope, please have a one-minute classical comedic monologue prepared.
Auditions will be on a first come, first served basis.  Please be prepared to cold read sides from script if requested.
If you have never before auditioned for ETC, please bring a headshot and resume.

February, 2017

Indianapolis.  Fourth of July.  1910.
Hatton is an amoral, disgraced, and demoted police officer who will bribe, intimidate, and kill to accomplish his nefarious plan.  The brief appearance of James Whitcomb Riley, the Columbia Club, and other familiar Indiana locations paint a vivid, original period piece that provides a timely narrative of police brutality against minorities.
10-12 Male characters

Battle:  A black man
Hyland:  Superintendent of the IPD
Posey:  A probationary trainee for the IPD
Perrot:  Head of the Bertillon system for IPD
Ponds:  A waiter at the Columbia Club
Coffin, Blackford, Baker:  IPD officers
Golding:  A blind tavern keeper
Shank:  Mayor of Indianapolis
Tamlin:  An actor
Ember:  An opium addict
Announcer:  An announcer at the Empire Theater
*The roles of Hatton and Riley have been precast.

The Misanthrope 
April, 2017
When opposites attract, does anybody win?  Set in 1987, this classical comedy of manners will be a totally radical celebration of all things late ’80s.

Alceste:  In love with Célimène.
Célimène:  Beloved of Alceste
Philinte: Friend of Alceste
Éliante:  Cousin of Célimène
Oronte:  In love with Célimène
Acaste:   A marquis
Clitandre:  A marquis
Arsinoé:  A friend of Célimène
Basque: Célimène’s servant.
Dubois: Alceste’s servant.
Officer:  Representing the Tribunal of Marshals of France

For more information, e-mail Associate Artistic Director, Frankie Bolda, at

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