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Young Shakespeareans Project

In celebration of William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, we present our inaugural Young Shakespeareans Project: A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Join EclecticPond’s youngest performers for a fanciful romp through the 50s, 60s, and maybe even the 70s as the Young Shakespearians Project brings to life a unique retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 45 actors between the ages of 8 and 16 will present a 60 minute version of this witty tale of love, loyalty, and magic all mixed up in the forest of Athens, on a perfect midsummer night.

April 11 at 7:00pm (Team Titania)
April 12 at 7:00pm (Team Oberon)
April 13 at 2:00pm (Team Titania)
April 13 at 5:00pm (Team Oberon)

Prologue – Malia Weatherspoon
Egeus – Josie DeFreese, Kahli Brown
Philostrate – Erica Huntington, Lilly Weidenbach
Lysander – Sam Eichacker
Demetrius – Jacob Roberts
Hermia – Lucy Shirley
Helena – Fiona Dwyer
Theseus – Gillian Bennett
Hippolyta – Rachel Hicks
Antiope, Handmaiden to Hippolyta – Emily Albrecht
Oberon – Ben Eichacker
Puck – Elsie McNulty
Titania – Allison Albrecht
Peaseblossom – Eli Criss, Olivia Wilson
Cobweb – Caydn Waxingmoon, Annabella McGinley-King
Moth – Rhiannon Vrooman, Katya Bain
Mustardseed – Carly Salkovsky, Meredith Dwyer
Fairy – Sarah Starks, Gabriella Bain
Bumblebee – Spencer Hahn
Dewdrop – Madelyn Altom
Nick Bottom – Katharine Ruegger
Peter Quince – Sabrina Duprey
Francis Flute – Eli Robertson
Robin Starveling – Griffin Lohner , Dean Roberts
Tom Snout – Max Salkovsky, Jack Dwyer
Snug – Zachary Johnson, Ben Herbertz
Fairies, Tree Sprites, Theseus’ Court, Oberon’s Train, Audience: Landon Brown, Riley Thomas, Anna Buttler, Lily Whitehurst, Zion Cosby, Kate Snider, Hayden Lohner, Genna Evans, Alaina (Lainie) Moore

Team Titania:
Josie DeFreese, Erica Huntington, Eli Criss, Caydn Waxingmoon, Rhiannon Vrooman, Carly Salkovsky, Sarah Starks, Griffin Lohner, Max Salkovsky, & Zachary Johnson.

Team Oberon:
Kahli Brown, Lilly Weidenbach, Olivia Wilson, Annabella McGinley-King, Katya Bain, Meredith Dwyer, Gabriella Bain, Dean Roberts, Jack Dwyer, & Ben Herbertz.



Assistant Stage Manager
Emma Holzhausen
Light and Sound Operator, Tech Assistant
Natalie Herbertz
Adapted by
Thomas Cardwell, Jeremy Grimmer, & Lesley Meier
Lesley Meier
Assistant Director
Janice Hibbard
Stage Manager
Katy Hansen
Set Construction
Tom Weidenbach, Chuck Snider, Landon Brown, Kahli Brown, Natalie Herbertz
Tracy Snider, Tracy Ball Roberts, Shael Weidenbach, Susan Dwyer
Dialogue Coach
Meagan Matlock

Run Dates

Apr 11, 2014 - Apr 13, 2014
Another Lie We Tell Ourselves