10 x 10 x You

The smash-hit spectacular returns for a third outing, and this time we’ve kicked it up a notch.

The votes have been cast and we’re hard at work making a fresh 10×10 out of the plays you selected! We’re not telling which ones won, you’ll have to come out and discover that for yourself!

10 X 10 combines the beautiful language of some of Shakespeare’s greatest works with a large dollop of modern irreverence and pop-culture parody. We can’t tell you which ten plays will be chosen, but we can say for certain it will be fast-paced, very funny, and star a large cast of familiar faces.

Update: Due to the threat of inclement weather, we have cancelled Sunday’s 5:30 performance. In its place we have added a performance on Saturday, January 24, at 8 pm.


By Thomas Cardwell & Jeremy Grimmer
Adapted from the Works of William Shakespeare
With additional material by Zack Joyce & the previous performers of 

Directed by Thomas Cardwell, Kate Homan, & Michael Hosp

Run Dates

Jan 10, 2015 - Jan 24, 2015

Jan 10th, 8.00 pm
Jan 11th, 5.30 pm

Jan 16th, 8.00 pm
Jan 17th, 8.00 pm

Added: Jan 24th, 8.00 pm

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