J. Eyre

Based on Charlotte Brontë’s epic novel, J. Eyre tells the story from a contemporary set of eyes. Told by 6 women and one man, be swept away by this new musical and on to the mysterious grounds of Thornfield Hall. You may find love there, but you may find something else…


Jane Eyre – Devan Mathias
Edward Rochester – Tim Hunt
Blanche/Adele – Miranda Nehrig
Helen/Bertha – Mary Margaret Montgomery
Mr. Mason/St John – Abby Gilster
Grace Poole/John – Chelsea Leis
Mrs. Fairfax/Mrs. Reed – Carrie Neal


Stage Manager – Sarah Stiles
Costume Designer – Marina Turner
Pianist – Jacob Stensberg

Run Dates

Jul 19, 2017 - Jul 30, 2017

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